Consultant Dietitian, Behaviour Change Specialist and Retreat Facilitator







 "She helps you to accept your current state and encourages you to trust and to let go."


Mei deeply understands the nature of the mind and how to cultivate compassion and trust. Through liberating herself from her own experience of fear, worry and comparison, Mei is able to provide support for her clients to feel and to live a life free from self-sabotaging chains. Her mission is to help you to come to your senses and to wake up to your personal power.

• Registered Consultant Dietitian (Bsc Hons Nutrition & Dietetics; 2:1) that has trained in the NHS for 4 years. Promoted to Lead Consultant Dietitian of a specialist private healthcare provider for a psychologically led multidisciplinary weight management service for adults with morbid obesity and eating disorders. 

• Extensive experience with patients diagnosed with a mental health condition.

• Retreat Facilitator

• Several years experience supporting clients through massages and bodywork at a 5-Star London based Celebrity Hotel Spa

• Over 10 years personal experience in meditation

• Trained in ‘Child Safeguarding Level 1 and 2' and ‘Adult Safeguarding Level 1’

• Trained in CBT

• Certified in Mental Health First Aid England: Standard

• Trained in Life Coaching

HCPC Registered

• Covered by Public Liability Insurance



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