I’ve always been able to sleep like a baby…but I’ve noticed that when I’m worrying and analysing the past and future, I sleep very lightly. I would wake up feeling sensitive and wanting my own space…wanting to hide from everyone and everything. Most recently, when I’ve allowed for regular breaks throughout the day, I would also sleep lightly yet I would wake up feeling peaceful and with an inner state of stillness. In our daily lives, sometimes we might feel forced to keep on going like a hamster trapped in a wheel! Having experienced the constant buzz of city life, I chose to wake up earlier to sit in stillness and as much as I could, I would connect with my breath throughout the day in amongst seeing my clients. Even if it was just 10, long and slow deep breaths, it helped me to manage my emotions and stress as well as the quality of my sleep. I invite you to experiment with the following trusty tips to help you sleep like a cosy koala bear:-

  • Do a Mind-Dump! There is scientific research to support how allowing your mind to empty anything that comes to pen on pad can help us to let go of surface stresses and worries. Give it a go first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Once you have written it all out and let go, maybe take a look at what you’ve written and see if there is anything that is not of great importance, things that can inspire you to take action or feelings of gratitude…
  • No technology. At least one hour before bedtime, start to unwind by turning off your phone, laptop, TV and any other devices which might create a lot of mental activity.
  • Allow yourself to have regular breaks throughout the day, every day. Too often I hear “I’ve been so busy, I don’t have time to breathe!” Give your stress levels a well deserved rest and press the pause button. It can range from 10 deep breaths once a day, 5 minutes of listening to relaxing music in your lunch break or a 10 minute relaxing stroll in the park.
  • Light tummy. Have your evening meal at least 2 hours before you go to bed. Going to sleep on a full stomach can disturb the quality of your sleep as well as impacting a healthy body weight.
  • Relax. Explore the ways in which you enjoy to relax before going into the land of nod! It could be mindful colouring in, soaking your bones in a bubble bath, blissing-out to the sounds of waves, or some gentle body stretches. Anything to help you let go of the day.

I hope you found these tips helpful and may you sleep like a baby every night! Contact me for your individualised sleep plan because when you nurture yourself, you’ll have so much more energy to give.